Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Goth Subculture - Christian Death - The Decomposition of Violets Live at The Berwin Arts Entertainment Center 1984

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Published on 7 Nov 2015
00:00 - 01. Awake at the Wall
03:02 - 02. Sleepwalk
08:45 - 03. The Drowning
12:28 - 04. Theatre Of Pain
17:43 - 05. Cavity
21:43 - 06. The Blue Hour
26:29 - 07. Androgynous Noise Hand Permeates
28:38 - 08. Electra Descending
32:46 - 09. As Evening Falls
36:05 - 10. Face
39:40 - 11. Cervix Couch
44:18 - 12. This Glass House
45:53 - 13. Romeo's Distress
50:10 - 14. Dogs
53:34 - video outro / Rozz amongst crowd

a film by Video Louis Elovitz

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Goth Subculture - The Batcave | Documentaries and more on the original Goth club

Back in 1982, the original Goth club opened over at Soho in London (most notably at Gossips located on 69 Dean St) This was a club organized by the members of the dark and glamorous Specimen, and featured Dj’s such as Hamish Macdonald with his project Sexbeat, and Anni Hogan, who would become a long time collaborator with Marc Almond, who was also a regular attendee.

In fact, this was a club attended by nearly every Post-Punk musician in London at the time, such as Robert Smith of The Cure, members Siouxsie and The Banshees (Note that Steven Severin and Robert Smith wrote music for Marc Almond and Anni Hogan’s project Marc and the Mambas, this, along with The Glove was surely a collaboration inspired by hanging out at The Batcave), Nick Cave, Nik Fiend (Alien Sex Fiend), Andi Sex Gang (Sex Gang Children), Ian Astbury of Southern Death Cult—they all haunted this club. The Batcave was the place to be, and the highly stylized dark glamour of the attendee’s went on to define what would be considered the “Gothic” subculture, even connecting with bands in Los Angeles, such as Christian Death, and with the legendary Danceteria nightclub in New York.

Goth Subculture - Specimen

Above images courtesy of  Flavius Merobaudes original magazine collection.

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